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Last Days of Lyric Show


cC!'s winter show at the Lyric Theater will be up through early February--still time to check it out!

Thank You to our Supporters

citizensCREATE! would like to thank those that have supported us during our fund drive:

Sr. Andrea Sieloff
Gina Weaver
Gary Francis
Tracey Lowe
Beth Rutherford
Judi Graybeal
Marcia Graybeal
Creekmore Livingston, Inc in memory of Herstle Creekmore

Upcoming Projects

  • October 28 5PM - Thriller reenactment: cC! will curate a project at Third Street Stuff in conjunction with the 2012 Lexington Thriller Reenactment
  • November 16 - cC! presents the opening of our winter show, "you do this", at the Lyric Theater Museum. Opening activities in conjunction with Gallery Hop. Show runs through early February, 2013